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Approaching problems in a novel, innovative way; conceptualising creatively and understanding our position with respect to situations we could never have imagined. This is what ‘thinking outside the box’ means: thinking beyond our self-imposed limits.

Aqualogy puts its talent and knowledge into action to face present and future challenges in the water sector, providing radical, pioneering solutions.



With the aim of promoting this new culture, Aqualogy took part in a disruptive innovation project in the Imagine Creativity Center in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) together with a multidisciplinary team of professional ‘dreamers’.

The project focused on redesigning relationships with our customers. Whereas nowadays the water operators’ main channels of communication are limited to bills, offices and customer care phone lines, the customers themselves demand greater information.

Consequently, their participation in the service must be increased, while at the same time improving their perception of the service quality.

Thus was born Ôasys, which offers the opportunity to interact with and experience water in a completely new, smarter and more sensory-based way. With Ôasys, daily water consumption can be monitored in real time, hydration levels can be viewed and leaks detected. All this is represented in a game with a personalised avatar for each member of the family. In addition, this information may be compared with the city and profiles of similar families, and shared on social networks.