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revenue management

In an environment characterised by reduced water consumption and increased fraud in developed countries, high levels of commercial losses in emerging countries and an ageing IT infrastructure, revenue management has become of key importance for water services. The main focus of this line of business, Aqualogy Revenue Management helps water and sewerage companies and provides the technology and knowledge necessary to optimise turnover and improve end customer satisfaction. For this reason, its value proposition focuses on reducing commercial losses, maximising data use as information of interest, facilitating technology renewal, reducing the operating costs of customer-related services and generating new sources of income. All this translates into a complete, flexible offer, able to adapt to the needs of each customer, consisting of smart metering, AquaCIS Suite & data management, revenue management services and retail solutions.

Furthermore, Aqualogy Revenue Management has the support and backing of Aqualogy Business Software, a company specialising in developing software solutions for water, whose shareholders are Aqualogy and Unit 4, with a team of over 70 professionals working in research and development of new solutions and technologies.



Smart Metering

In an environment that demands transition to green, efficient and sustainable cities, Aqualogy offers solutions that enable detailed information on water consumption to be extracted and made available to customers. This makes it possible to know how much, how and when water is consumed, permitting its reduction, diagnosis of facilities and identification of improvements to supply. Adaptable and flexible solutions cover everything from equipment supply and implementation to operation and information analysis.

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AquaCIS Suite is a specific software programme for the water sector, geared towards the comprehensive management of customer service and supply assets. Its main objective is to improve the quality of customer services while also improving the efficiency of commercial processes and operations and the technical-financial performance of assets. The areas covered by AquaCIS are:

  • CF: Billing cycle
  • AC: Customer services 
  • GT: Work order management
  • GA: Asset management
  • GEO: Geographic information system
  • MT: Measurement and smart metering
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Aqualogy offers services that enable water companies to integrate best sector practices into commercial cycle management, in order to ensure adequate revenue management and minimise associated risks. Of particular note are the customer BPO, that is, metering, billing, collection and non-payment services and income optimisation services such as Aquapred, for the detection of irregular consumption, and SICAM+ for meter system optimisation.


Water and sewerage companies need to broaden their range of solutions for customers, improving relations with them and generating greater income. On occasions this increase in income cannot be covered just by increasing prices, so other sources need to be found. Aqualogy offers its knowledge and experience as well as the marketing of insurance and home care services.