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Operation and Maintenance

operation and maintenance

This is the Aqualogy division whose business is the operation and maintenance of complete water cycle infrastructures and services. With the aim of guaranteeing solution sustainability with respect to operation and maintenance, Aqualogy’s priorities are to optimise the different processes through the application of cutting-edge technology, minimise energy consumption and ensure high performance in operation, exploitation and preventive and corrective maintenance services in:

  • Urban wastewater, desalination and drinking water treatment plants
  • Drinking water networks
  • Sewerage networks
  • Irrigation operation

Thanks to our experience in managing nearly 2,000 facilities worldwide, we can offer solutions and technologies to improve efficiency and guarantee the quality of each of these services related to the urban water cycle. And all of this follows a model of collaboration and transparency with respect to our customers.

Aware of the needs of the industry, at Aqualogy we work to improve efficiency through the use of advanced technology and encourage greater commitment to innovation.

We offer solutions that provide our customers with added value:

  • Sustainability as a management principle
  • Transparency and information to customers and the public
  • Extensive facility management experience
  • Long-term collaboration
  • Proven professionalism in terms of diverse technologies and process types
  • Capacity to provide assistance in all parts of the process: design, building, operation and management

Aqualogy invests in innovation and the application of state-of-the-art technologies, as well as quality in the execution of its different business areas.


In the area of operation and maintenance, Aqualogy’s objectives are the optimisation of different processes through the application of the latest technologies, minimisation of energy consumption, assurance of performance levels in the analytical control of water quality and the correct environmental management of the sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment processes.

It has the capacity required to design, build and operate drinking and wastewater treatment plants, tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants. Aqualogy invests in innovation and the application of state-of-the-art technologies, as well as quality in the execution of its different business areas.


Active management of networks is a basic element in the correct optimisation of infrastructure. To obtain optimum levels in both technical performance and non-revenue water, a network manager (urban supplies, irrigation, associations of municipalities or others) has a number of technology-based management techniques and methods, both for network analysis and restoration work and leak detection/location, which enable high admissible values to be obtained, depending on the conditions of each operation.

This solution incorporates specific control mechanisms and technologies, which permit this ratio to be raised to higher levels in an environmentally friendly and economically profitable way. The combination of the most advanced technologies and applications with the knowledge, experience and analysis methodologies in each network, make this possible.


Activities throughout the drainage and sewerage field, from the design of systems to their active operation. These solutions consist of high added-value services, including: discharge control systems, real-time management, sewerage network cleaning and master plans. The environmental approach, an important technological contribution and extensive resources and geographical coverage constitute a guarantee for the proposed solutions.


Wide offering covering the whole range of possible needs in the field of irrigation. The Aqualogy offering touches upon all aspects, including important areas of company knowledge and know-how. We can intervene in any of the implementation phases of an irrigation system (engineering, construction, system engineering, management, technology implementation, etc.), presenting complete or specific proposals, depending on the customer's needs.