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25 January 2017

Yesterday, SUEZ Spain organized an internal conference to publicize projects and initiatives on agriculture, in order to promote the knowledge, experiences and solutions developed by the group to improve the sector's efficiency and sustainability. The conference also highlighted the importance of the digitization of services in this sphere, and of positioning the company as a “smart agro” company.

During the meeting, SUEZ Advanced Solutions Spain's Director General, Manuel Cermerón, stressed that "the company currently manages 30,000 hectares, as a result of its commitment to innovation and the exploration of disruptive technologies, and to following a strategy focused from the market to the product”.

For her part, the Director of Business Development of SUEZ Advanced Solutions, Coral Robles, explained that "the agricultural sector is a complex market in which different types of customer, project characteristics and sales channels intervene", and highlighted that the company "is evolving toward a global policy of integration, based on knowledge of the products and services which meet the real needs of customers”. She likewise pointed out the need to continue with public-private partnership models to modernize irrigation and with more local partnerships with companies which can complement our offering and strengthen our market positioning”.

Moreover, the Irrigation Market Director, Javier Borso, referred to the pillars of the strategy, which is not only focused on operation and maintenance (O&M), but also on project execution, the supply of materials, engineering and energy, and remote control and automation. Likewise, the Agriculture Market Product Development Manager, Vicente Gómez, explained the roadmap for 2017, which is divided into four main blocks: the final inclusion in the portfolio of the services currently being developed or in a pilot phase; the digitization of solutions (“smart agro”); the search for new channels (Marketplace, local partnerships, networks of experts, etc.), and the development of commercial material focused on the different types of customer in the sector (marketing).

The meeting, held in the Water Resource Centre (CREA), also addressed various projects, such as Agrology, a new concept integrating services and a digital platform, which provides the user with solutions in a centralized manner and with new sales channels such as the already accessible Marketplace (solucionesagrology.es), an online store for technological transformation in the agricultural sector without intermediaries. The following were also presented: the services for the Canal de Navarra and Canal Segarra-Garrigues; the “Agrowater” project for the cultivation of almonds in Catalonia and Aragón, and a project centred on the analysis of solutions to combat and monitor invasive species, carried out in the framework of knowledge domains and in collaboration with the innovation department.

SUEZ+SPAIN+ADVOCATES+THE+DIGITIZATION+OF+SERVICES+FOR+SMART+AGRICULTURE <p>Yesterday, SUEZ Spain organized an internal conference to publicize projects… http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fen%2Fnew%2F727%2Fsuez-spain-advocates-the-digitization-of-services-for-smart-agriculture http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fuploads%2Fimg%2F294c5dee0ebe46da6d999ad68541c7d7.jpg SUEZ SPAIN ADVOCATES THE DIGITIZATION OF SERVICES FOR SMART AGRICULTURE... http://tinyurl.com/y489rf55