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Smart agriculture trends, a key topic of the conference organized by SUEZ Advanced Solutions Smart agriculture trends, a key topic of the conference organized by SUEZ Advanced Solutions

Smart agriculture trends, a key topic of the conference organized by SUEZ Advanced Solutions

28 September 2016

Yesterday, SUEZ Advanced Solutions organized the conference “Smart agriculture trends”, with the aim of sharing and exchanging knowledge in order to be able to detect needs and opportunities to implement technological advances in smart agriculture which improve the sector’s efficiency and sustainability and which, moreover, provide society with value propositions.

During the meeting, the Director General of SUEZ Advanced Solutions Spain, Manuel Cermerón, highlighted that “the Group, beyond the complete water cycle, provides industry and the agriculture sector with solutions, being committed to innovation and the exploration of disruptive technologies”. He likewise referred to the launch of EsAgua, the first platform to calculate and manage the water footprint in Spain, and indicated that “the world of food and, in particular, that of agriculture, undoubtedly have a very important role to play”.

For her part, the Director of Business Development of SUEZ Advanced Solutions, Coral Robles, stressed that “the use of technologies is the basis to achieve the transformation of the productive model of the countryside and, in SUEZ, we want to contribute by providing innovation and applied knowledge”. In this respect, she explained that the company is developing management tools which contribute value to the process of transformation toward smart agriculture. “These tools are being designed to be versatile, with simple, agile and intuitive programming which facilitates the work of the users who are going to use them, and with a reasonable price”, she stated.

Moreover, the Research Professor from the CSIC in Irrigation, Agronomy and the Environment, Enrique Playán, gave a lecture entitled “Trends in the agriculture sector”, in which he emphasized the need to continue to investigate in RDI and to create technological jobs in the rural world. He also stressed that the smart trend is an endless path in the world of agriculture and that this sector will be a leader in this type of technology.

During the meeting, held in the CREA of the Ciutat de l’Aigua, a round table was also held, moderated by SUEZ Water Spain’s Director of Irrigation Market, Javier Borso, which included the participation of the President of the La Campaña Irrigation Association and Treasurer of the General Irrigation Association of High Aragón, Ramón Acín; the Director of Proxima Systems, Emiliano Muñoz Vicente, and the Manager of Frutos Moratalla C.B., Ricardo Aguayo.

The main conclusions of the round table included especially that digitalization in agricultural production allows remote decision-making and that the decisions made are implemented automatically, that the agricultural sector is ready to confront the challenge of feeding over 9 billion people in 2050, and that the change of productive model must be geared toward it becoming an industrial process with skilled labour.


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