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AQUALOGY AND THE CDTI INVEST IN THE COMPANY CARRIOTS Example of the application of Carriots installed in the Smart City of Pozuelo de Alarcón


18 June 2015

The company Aqualogy (SUEZ Group) and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), a body dependent on the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness, have signed an agreement with the company Carriots, S.L. by means of which both organizations will invest, jointly, in the capital of this technological company.

In the last few years Carriots, S.L., established in 2011, has developed technological applications of great interest thanks to their use in various sectors, especially in the industrial, telecommunications and smart city spheres. In this last case, the CarriotsCityLife project offers an integrated solution which allows all of a city’s services to be monitored in a smarter manner. This platform enables the centralized management of numerous systems: from irrigation, lighting and vehicle parking to the energy efficiency of cities.

This application moreover offers the citizens real-time information on aspects related to the traffic situation or the parking spaces available in a city at any moment in time. It likewise provides users with various free applications.

It is an essential set of information of great help to make cities, especially big capitals, a more comfortable and liveable space.

Moreover, in the industrial sphere, the technological platform of Carriots allows efficient and very scalable real-time management of a large quantity of information for a wide variety of applications.

Carriots currently has a strong customer base, some of which are Fortune 500 such as Cisco Systems, ArcelorMittal and the Enel Group. On this basis, and by creating a network of strategic partners, the company has designed a growth plan based on territorial expansion, the development of new products to consolidate its position of leadership in innovation and sectorial specialization.

Venture Opportunities Fund

This co-investment was carried out through the Venture Opportunities (VENTO) fund, managed by Suma Capital and made up of the company Aqualogy, S.L., belonging to the business group Agbar, and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, through the INNVIERTE programme. This type of operation forms part of the strategy and policy of support for entrepreneurs that both organizations maintain as priority actions.

VENTO is a public-private investment instrument which invests between €0.5m and €5m in the launch or expansion phases of companies with innovative products in areas related to the water cycle, environment, energy and smart cities. This fund has already invested in companies such as Seinon, devoted to energy efficiency, and Hydromodel, which has developed a service allowing the situation of aquifers to be managed and forecast by hosting mathematical models in the cloud.

In this case, the investment will enable Carriots to strengthen its technological capacity, favour its business growth and accelerate its business plan in the market.

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