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23 May 2012

The Aqualogy Foundation was presented today in Madrid with the participation of Miguel Arias Cañete, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, and the President of the Aqualogy Foundation, Angel Simón, took part in the official presentation of this institution, which is born with a desire to be a forum for reflection, a think tank on water and the challenges of the future.

The Foundation is the natural extension of Aqualogy, Agbar's global brand of integrated water solutions, created recently to offer the group's own developments in the water sector with a clear aim to respond to customer needs. The Foundation is headquartered in the Torre de Cristal in Madrid and today launched its website, www.fundacionaqualogy.org, to coincide with the presentation.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, stated that ‘the Government will foster innovation in the water sector and will make efforts to ensure rationality, efficiency and transparency in order to achieve a quality, plentiful supply throughout the country’. Likewise, he explained that ‘to meet the proposed objectives, legislative clarity and the removal of administrative obstacles are essential’. Miguel Arias Cañete ended his address by congratulating Agbar on the initiative to set up the Aqualogy Foundation, ‘a centre of water knowledge dissemination with programmes that I am sure respond to the open, holistic perspective that water management requires’.

The Aqualogy Foundation President, Angel Simón, said that Agbar, one of the largest Spanish service companies and a benchmark group in its sector, places its experience at the service of the Aqualogy Foundation ‘to allow it to play a dynamic role in reflections on water, which is based on the three pillars that support Aqualogy: talent, innovation and knowledge.’


Angel Simón said that ‘it is in a situation like the current one that we business agents have a duty and an opportunity to make use of our know-how, our experience and knowledge and to strengthen channels of cooperation between business, academia and institutions to promote, through the Aqualogy Foundation, proposals that contribute to meeting social demands in regard to water as an exercise in responsibility’. He stressed the fact that it is necessary to maintain an enterprising, hopeful attitude: ‘we must rethink business, social and personal models, and be on the lookout for changes, which are taking place at a rate of knots’.
In regard to water, Angel Simón explained that ‘we are facing great challenges that, based on population growth forecasts, affect requirements, meaning greater water, energy and food consumption’. Concerning these aspects, he said that ‘the Aqualogy Foundation's basic objective is to open up multi-disciplinary reflection, based on serenity and good sense, on the search for solutions to the challenges facing society in regard to water’.
The presentation, which took place at noon at the Madrid Architects’ Association, was attended by the secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, mayors, secretaries of State, members of the diplomatic corps, hydrographic confederation executives and institutional representatives of Spanish research, universities, business and civil society.

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