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02 May 2012

The director of Environment and Operations, Narcís Berberana, highlighted and thanked the Government for the efforts made and the evolution in the field of drinking water quality control and safety witnessed in recent years, at a conference of over 130 representatives of the Public Health Administration and water sector professionals held at the Museu Agbar de les Aigües. Likewise, he urged those in charge of the government agencies to intensify educational campaigns targeting the general public and the application of the highest water quality standards.

The conference, which featured speakers from Aqualogy, Suez Environnement and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, stressed that the most effective way to guarantee safe water consumption lies in the implementation of concepts of sanitary risk prevention management.

These concepts, as pointed out by the president of the Water Quality Technical Committee, Miquel Paraira, are based on a change of action model, going from corrective management to preventive management. In this respect, the president of the Production Technical Committee, Josep Lluís Armenter, stressed the importance of the model based on the use of standard ISO 22000, applied by Agbar and Aqualogy for some time now, which enables them to anticipate future legislation. The Aqualogy portfolio includes a variety of solutions and technologies.

During the conference, the head of the Water Health Quality area of the Environmental Health Subdirectorate-General of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Margarita Palau, painted a clear picture of water quality in Spain and revealed that a working group made up of the country's most important water companies, amongst them Agbar, is working on a guide to drawing up a water health plan for water supply.

The conference ended with a round table which discussed water health plans, from the point of view of both private companies and government.

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