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Aqualogy launches a cutting-edge Transmedia Storytelling project Aqualogy launches a cutting-edge Transmedia Storytelling project

Aqualogy launches a cutting-edge Transmedia Storytelling project

25 July 2013

You can watch the first part, the teaser for the series inAqualogy People.

Aqualogy is launching a ground-breaking Transmedia Corporate Storytelling project, the central pillar of which is a seven-episode film series featuring characters connected with water. The project will connect a fictional world with the activities carried out by the company and will publicise its ability to generate the most suitable products and services as well as its organisational values. The project, undertaken in collaboration with the organizational transformation consultants Cookie Box, also has an internal dimension: to strengthen the competencies and skills of its team of professionals.

The series will be concluded using a range of channels: viral videos on You Tube, top Twitter and Facebook actors, motion comic, gamified websites, Alternative Reality Gaming (ARG) actions, management training workshops and attendance at specific initiatives at festivals.

Last February, the first AQ short was screened to an audience of 350 people. This film production explained Aqualogy’s reality and current situation using an innovative format and emotional elements. Furthermore, it introduced a narrative that will later serve to accompany cultural change in the company and also to facilitate its external communication.

Welcome to the world of Aqualogy!

The planet's water feels threatened and one day it rebels against a strange double solar / lunar eclipse, demanding the recovery of core values in the management of water that had been lost in recent years. A researcher, whose field of study is the language of water, succeeds in tearing down the last barrier and hears the first words of this natural element: "Commitment, Talent, Knowledge ... Aqualogy".

The researcher will understand the task entrusted to him by the water: to bring together a select few chosen by the water and turn them into a team capable of revealing the 6 water laws lost and forgotten by man in the course of time. They will have to fight against powerful forces that drive forward the adoption of the Water Act, a document containing 6 alternative water laws, which worsen the management of this element and may even finish it off.

Aqualogy+launches+a+cutting-edge+Transmedia+Storytelling+project You can watch the first part, the teaser for the series in Aqualogy People.… http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fen%2Fnew%2F129%2Faqualogy-launches-a-cutting-edge-transmedia-storytelling-project http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fuploads%2Fimg%2F9936db1463b389c87e0d46dd2eaecb8d.jpg Aqualogy launches a cutting-edge Transmedia Storytelling project... http://tinyurl.com/nzztcwc