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Aqualogy installs the Idroloc system in Oran (Algeria) Aqualogy installs the Idroloc system in Oran (Algeria)

Aqualogy installs the Idroloc system in Oran (Algeria)

05 July 2013

Aqualogy will carry out the search for leaks, using the iDROLOC system, in the drinking water supply network of Oran (Algeria), managed by SEOR (Sociéte de l'Eau et de l'Assainissement). For Aqualogy, the implementation of this system represents taking one more step in Oran, where it has contributed to meeting the challenge of providing the population of the whole province of Oran with water for 24 hours a day, to the accumulated wastewater cleaning rate reaching 100% of the network, to the modernization of the water analysis laboratories, and to implementing the Aquacis tool to improve customer service, among other projects.

In an initial phase, the work will be carried out in the main arteries of the network, more inaccessible, with a 300-centimetre diameter and with a route which runs next to the noisy and busy road network of Oran. In a second phase, leaks will be sought in a low pressure zone which has PVC and PE pipes with 50-centimetre diameters.

The iDROLOC system, developed by Aqualogy, allows the location of leaks using helium as tracer gas in pipelines where conventional acoustic methods cannot be used. This is a harmless gas which has a very low presence in the atmosphere, thus allowing its diffusion and easy detection on the surface.

This system is likewise suitable for any diameter of pipe and material, and also for any kind of pressure condition, becoming a more precise and effective alternative. For example, it can be used with the pipe in service, out of service, in empty or even disconnected pipes. Its fully automated operation and its portability moreover allow high tube length inspection rates per operator/day.

SEOR, the public company which manages the drinking water and sewerage network service in Oran, serves over 200,000 clients. It has a supply network of 2,650 km spread throughout Oran metropolitan area and covers 26 towns and 9 dairas with a population served of 1,600,000 inhabitants.

Aqualogy, the global integrated water solutions brand for sustainable development, develops products and services which meet the demands of the different players involved in water. It has a differentiated offering adapted to the needs of each customer and each location. Aqualogy presents a global offering in new markets, geographical areas and customers.

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Aqualogy+installs+the+Idroloc+system+in+Oran+%28Algeria%29 Aqualogy will carry out the search for leaks, using the iDROLOC system, in the drinking… http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fen%2Fnew%2F121%2Faqualogy-installs-the-idroloc-system-in-oran-algeria http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aqualogy.net%2Fuploads%2Fimg%2F878fd1a6f6ab461ce1933b4bbdc52e59.jpg Aqualogy installs the Idroloc system in Oran (Algeria)... https://tinyurl.com/qe8o5mo