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Urban Cycle

Government agencies and public companies, whether municipal, supramunicipal or regional, are, in most countries, the bodies with jurisdiction over activities related to the urban water cycle: supply, sewerage networks, the subsequent wastewater treatment processes and the water’s return to the environment.

Aqualogy, a leading brand in integrated water solutions thanks to the experience it has garnered in managing over 2,000 water facilities worldwide, has the technology and integrated solutions necessary to meet any and all challenges associated with complete water cycle management in the urban environment.

Our value proposition, focussed on improving efficiency and guaranteeing quality, follows a model of customer collaboration and consists of the following solutions:

  • Management of wastewater, desalination and drinking water treatment plants.
  • Efficiency in water networks.
  • Drainage and sewerage network.
  • Design, construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure.
  • Water company revenue management.
  • Water quality and bio-safety: environmental services and analytical services.
  • Supply of hydraulic materials and water treatment products.
San Sebastián commits to Aqualogy’s advanced sewerage network management system

San Sebastián commits to Aqualogy’s advanced sewerage network management system

Innovation, occupational health and safety and advanced technology are some of the aspects that enhance the values of the service Aqualogy is providing in San Sebastián, where it has been responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the city’s sewerage network since 1 June 2013.

Aqualogy contributes ‘intelligence and technology’ to the maintenance of San Sebastián’s sewerage network, which covers some 786 kilometres and includes 31,600 shafts and manholes and 28,000 drains.

The Galia method, which features innovative and advanced sewerage cleaning management, is a tool that offers high performance, respect for the environment and continuous water recycling.

Aqualogy manages and maintains Zaragoza's sewerage network

Aqualogy manages and maintains Zaragoza's sewerage network

Aqualogy is responsible for the management of Zaragoza’s sewerage network cleaning, maintenance and inspection services. It centres on the technological improvement of the service through the implementation of advanced cleaning management tools such as Galia, WiCast and GISAgua, as well as improving the cleaning and inspection equipment, with a sustainable and technologically advanced approach.

The network covers some 1,134 kilometres and serves a population of 650,000 inhabitants. In addition to network cleaning, maintenance and inspection tasks, Aqualogy is responsible for updating and maintaining GISAgua.

The project also covers the calibration and application of a mathematic model, a technology that proposes improvements and anticipates the behaviour of the network.

Ecociudad Zaragoza, a sewerage and wastewater treatment company wholly owned by the city, has entrusted the management of this service to Aqualogy, Socamex and Ideser for a period of two years.

With this action, Aqualogy is now the leader in the maintenance and operation of sewerage networks in Spain, serving some 9.3 million people.

Aqualogy manages local company SALEAL’s WWTP

Aqualogy manages local company SALEAL’s WWTP

The WWTP treats the wastewater of the association of municipalities of León and its metropolitan area (SALEAL - Mancomunidad Municipal para el Saneamiento Integral de León y su Alfoz), which is formed by León, San Andrés del Rabanedo, Villaquilambre and part of Santovenia de la Valdoncina.

This facility serves 185,000 people in the city of León and its metropolitan area. It also treats the wastewater of León’s industrial estate. In total, the water treated is equivalent to that of a population of some 350,000 inhabitants.

The facility includes a cogeneration system with two engines that use natural gas to produce electrical energy. The exhaust gases from these engines, which are in part powered by biogas from the wastewater digesters, are used to thermally dry the sludge (achieving dryness levels of up to 95%) and maintain the digesters at a constant temperature of 35°C.

Aqualogy started to manage the WWTP in 2011 for a period of 25 years.


Aqualogy’s plant operation activities are undertaken with the aim of optimising the different processes by applying the latest technologies, minimising energy consumption, ensuring treatment performance levels and carrying out analytical controls of water quality, in addition to ensuring correct environmental management of sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment processes.

The requirements for the energy or agricultural recovery of sludge mean that end users demand an easily manageable, storable and innocuous product. Accordingly, it is necessary to perform more comprehensive sludge treatments. These treatments are carried out in units and with complex industrial processes, the management of which requires a high degree of specialisation. Aqualogy has become a specialist in the operation and maintenance of these treatment platforms.


  • Hydraulic engineering. Consultancy in hydraulic engineering.
  • Energy efficiency. Integrated service for all energy-related matters: energy audits, comprehensive energy management, energy efficiency projects, and the design, project development and construction of renewable energy installations.
  • Control systems. The Aqualogy solution covers all phases and needs of the project from consultancy and advice to after-sales service, covering supply, installation and commissioning.
  • Dynamic micro-sectorisation. Reduction in the duration of all leaks by early detection through constant, localised monitoring of the entire network.
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater catchment. Full range of activities related to aquifers and groundwater.


To achieve optimal levels both in the technical performance of the network and in non-revenue water (NRW), it is necessary to implement technologies in network analysis, rehabilitation work and leak detection and additional control mechanisms. Implementation projects must be carried out sequentially with a clear methodology to achieve the desired results. The required actions vary, depending on the interim results obtained during the different phases. Information analyses and technical proposals are supported by field experience and historical information and, in advanced phases, the installation of specific equipment is also required. Aqualogy is the ideal partner for undertaking a project of these characteristics, thanks to both its capability and experience.


In this area Aqualogy has developed a methodological and technological proposal called Galia (advanced sewerage network cleaning and maintenance). The key lies in having maximum knowledge of the status of the network in order to determine its actual needs. Our Galia methodology allows us to determine where, when and how often cleaning is necessary. We prefer to act where necessary and increase frequency at the hot spots where action is required. In addition, Galia makes it easier to decide on the most appropriate resources for each requirement, thus obtaining results of the highest quality and a functional guarantee.


Aqualogy has proven and recognised experience in the design and construction of water infrastructure:

  • Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Drinking water treatment plants (DWTP)
  • Seawater treatment plants (SWTP)
  • Drinking water supply networks
  • Wastewater sewerage networks
  • Channelling and riverbank defences

Aqualogy offers integrated solutions for a complete facility cycle, and may subsequently participate in its operation, with the guarantee this represents.


Aqualogy provides its customers with services and technologies to guarantee billing of all the revenue produced in the water cycle, reduce operating costs associated with the commercial cycle (contracting, measuring, reading, billing, collection and management of non-payments) and facilitate technological renewal.

To do this, it offers the following solutions:

  • Smart metering. This solution is valid for the main meter brands.
  • AquaCIS. Sales management software.
  • Partial or total outsourcing of the commercial water cycle. Contracting, census, reading, billing, collection, non-payment and customer care.
  • AQUAPRED. Service to increase efficiency in fraud detection.
  • SICAM+. Comprehensive measuring management.


Aqualogy provides a full range of environmental and analytical services covering all urban water cycle management needs.


  • Environmental monitoring, inspection and consultancy: the industrial environment and the natural environment.
  • Discharge control.
  • Chemical hazards (REACH).
  • Bio-safety: maintenance of facilities and air microbiological quality studies.
  • Complete odour management.
  • Environmental modelling.
  • Gas treatment.
  • Marine and coastal services.


  • Analytical control in all areas of environmental assessment (water, air and solids).
  • Physicochemical analysis (organic and metal).
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Toxicological and specific waste analysis.
  • Development of new analytical methods.


With this service, Advanced Energy Consulting provides the customer with updates on their demand profile as specified in the ‘Recommended Strategy’ document.

Using data mining tools, Advanced Energy Consulting sends a periodic report with the following information:

  • Initial load curve
  • Last proposed load curve
  • Differential of updated curve
  • Breakdown of updated demand: resources to be used
  • Potential cost savings, integrating generation and consumption on the network


Advanced Energy Consulting provides support services for the process prior to contracting energy, including training for energy management and purchasing teams, analysis of contracts underway and definition of a purchasing strategy. All this with the aim of establishing the purchasing strategy that meets the needs and consumption profile of the customer.


Advanced Energy Consulting advises on the drawing up of the technical specifications for the signing of energy contracts. The service consists in the organisation and drawing up of the documents with the technical specifications for energy supply contracting, including the following steps:

  • Compilation of contract details
  • Updating of contract details
  • Selection and definition of types of energy contract and other electric bill items


Services to act as an intermediary with energy trading companies, aiding in negotiations and the drawing up of energy contracts based on the consumption profile and needs of each customer.

Advanced Energy Consulting provides support to customers in all stages of the bidding process.

  • Selection and ranking of suppliers
  • Delivery and explanation of technical specifications to suppliers
  • Bidding and reception of tenders
  • Economic comparison of bids
  • Legal analysis of bids (compliance with the established technical specifications)
  • Report with results and recommendations
  • Negotiation of management costs (profit margin and billing for programming diversions)
  • Review of the contract and coordination of its signing with the supplier


Consulting services in hedging with futures contracts, planning of consumption in line with market price forecasts, control of the energy budget and checking of billing.

This service includes:

  • Monitoring of market developments. Compilation and sending of key energy market information to monitor and make decisions regarding energy contracts.
  • Monitoring of customer’s energy contract portfolio. Compilation and delivery of reports on the state of the customer’s energy contracts.
  • Recommendations on price positioning. Identification of opportunities for pricing objectives on the market based on the purchasing strategy set up for the customer and their communication to the customer.
  • In-person quarterly meetings. Meetings with customers to review market developments and the state of contracts.
Operation and maintenance of drinking water plants

Operation and maintenance of drinking water plants

Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants

Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants

Construction of hydraulic infrastructure

Construction of hydraulic infrastructure

Drinking water and wastewater treatment plant projects

Drinking water and wastewater treatment plant projects

Network cleaning

Network cleaning

Management of distribution networks

Management of distribution networks

Sewerage network operation and maintenance

Sewerage network operation and maintenance

Meter supply and maintenance

Meter supply and maintenance