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iBeach is a free application for Android and iPhone that allows the citizens of a town to consult information about their favourite beaches.

iBeach offers even more functions when implemented in a town included in the COWAMA (Coastal Water Management) system. It allows users to consult the colour of the beach's flag, the presence of jellyfish, the water quality and even view the beach via webcam from the comfort of their homes.

The application also contains wave, wind, tide and temperature information and weather forecasts for all of Spain's beaches.

iBeach provides a space for towns to publish tourist information about events, museums and attractions. This communication channel allows tourists to obtain cultural information about the activities on offer near the beach they are planning to visit.

The application also allows the public to proactively warn others about the presence of jellyfish, establishing a means of collaboration between the public and the city council.


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iBeach contains information about more than 11,000 beaches in Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal. Spain is where it is most used and the information is the most complete: 3,500 beaches with wave, wind and weather forecasts, description of the beach and its most significant characteristics, such as access, type of sand, surf, degree of urban development, swells, etc.

If the town so desires, iBeach can also show the colour of the flag on the beach, the quality of the water, the presence of jellyfish and even the cultural agenda of the location: concerts, events, exhibitions and businesses nearby.

iBeach has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, making it the most popular beach content app. It is available in Spanish, Catalan, French, English and Portuguese, so it is a useful tourism tool for the coastal towns.

iBeach and COWAMA

The application informs citizens and tourists about the colour of the flags on the beaches, the presence of jellyfish and the quality of the water. It also includes a cultural agenda and shows the city’s businesses and issues warnings about the presence of jellyfish sent in by citizens.

This format is implemented in Alicante, Arona, Barcelona, Benicarló, Castelldefels, Cullera and Marbella, among other cities.