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It is a common mistake to consider the meter as a cash register and thus an expense, when in fact it is one of the most important investments. Correct management of the meter system optimises profits, both through adequate meter renovation planning and detecting fraud and manipulation.

Aquapred analyses available sales information to identify customers with irregular consumption, possibly due to meter fault, cases of fraud or anomalies in the information available on this customer.

Guillermo de Montis de Luget Contact

Aquapred is a service based on an early detection system for customers with irregular consumption that uses statistical and artificial intelligence methodologies to save on costs and maximise the effectiveness of field activities (inspections), thus increasing company revenue from water billing.

Aquapred provides a list of inspections to perform on supplies showing anomalous behaviour patterns. Thus, inspections are targeted at supplies with a greater likelihood of irregularity. In the case of fraud, up to six times more cases are detected than with conventional methodologies for the same workload.



Aguas Andinas service

The Aquapred service has been running in Aguas Andinas since 2012.

Aguas Andinas is the Chilean sanitation company that supplies approximately 1.7 million customers. The service has performed a total of 88,000 inspections, of which 12,700 resulted in unjustified irregular consumptions being identified, which translates into a success rate of 14.5%.

Aigües de Barcelona pilot study

Aigües de Barcelona carried out a pilot study of Aquapred in 2013. It undertook 68 inspections proposed by the system, 15 of which revealed irregular consumption, representing a success rate of 21%.