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AquaCIS Suite is a fully integrated modular information system for the commercial and technical management of the complete water cycle, created to meet the specific needs of companies in the water sector, with the aim of improving customer service quality while also increasing process efficiency.

The areas covered by AquaCIS are:

  • CF: Billing Cycle
  • AC: Customer Service
  • GT: Work Order Management
  • GA: Asset Management
  • GEO: Geographic Information System
  • MT: Measurement and Smart Metering


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AquaCIS Contact

AquaCIS offers the following fully integrated modules:

AquaCIS CF is a highly versatile tool to manage the billing cycle that permits fast,  that permits fast, dynamic and reliable management of the entire commercial cycle process, highly adaptable to customers’ different environments, situations, regulations or local conditions.

AquaCIS AC permits fast and simple access to all information and actions relevant to customer service. It is complemented by a transactional Online Office enabling online customer interaction with the company over the Internet.

AquaCIS GT provides coverage of work order management to optimize the execution and prioritization of field work, giving an overview of the workload for both technical and commercial work. It incorporates a mobility component to facilitate online communication with operators.

AquaCIS GA manages the water cycle assets in both networks and plants, to guarantee supply, control the environmental impact of certain assets, meet legal requirements and prolong the working life of equipment and components, providing major savings through optimization of corrective and preventive maintenance.

AquaCIS GEO is the AquaCIS geographic component is designed to provide support for efficient water and sewerage service management. AquaCIS GEO offers desktop, web and mobility modules, providing users with specific business tools to use geographic information and convert it into value for the company and a better service for consumers.

AquaCIS MT provides the functions needed to apply policies for meters, their authorisation and comprehensive management of the complete meter system. It also includes online remote metering solutions for individual meters (network, large or widespread customers) and large-scale rollouts.



The Valladolid WWTP treats the wastewater of population equivalent of 800,000. 75 tonnes of sludge are produced daily. Aqualysis processes the WAS (biological sludge) which is then mixed with the primary sludge before being fed into digesters. Aqualysis is fully integrated into the WWTP:

  • Hydrolysed biological sludge provides heat for the digesters.
  • The motor provides the heat necessary for Aqualysis.

The first results have shown:

  • A 23% increase in the production of biogas.
  • A 29% reduction in sludge.
  • Digestion stabilisation.

Aguas Andinas (SANTIAGO - CHILE)

Aguas Andinas, the largest Chilean complete water cycle management company which operates in Santiago de Chile and the surrounding area, with a total of over 6 million inhabitants, implemented AquaCIS to provide support for its investment in sales and operational excellence. Since the rollout, the system has provided coverage to 400 users of the AquaCIS Suite to manage approximately 175,000 customer contacts a month throughout the metropolitan area, manage over 90,000 work orders a month and process 80,000 bills a day in a fast, flexible manner.

Aguas de Saltillo (SALTILLO - MEXICO)

Aguas de Saltillo, which manages the water supply to a total of 230,000 customers in the city of Saltillo (Mexico), identified the need for a flexible and scalable commercial system to optimise the quality of service provided to the inhabitants of Saltillo while improving efficiency in the commercial processes. AquaCIS was the platform selected to cover the needs of the Aguas de Saltillo commercial area and provide a technologically advanced system, including the most important sections in terms of their critical impact and volume, such as billing or receipt of payment. The rollout included the CF module for billing cycle management and the AC module, which incorporated an Online Office, thus adding technological innovation to the company's management.


The AquaCIS system was implemented in Oran at the end of 2010 as part of the improvements to the supply and sewerage service. The main aim of this implementation is to provide support to improvements in commercial and company operations, thus increasing the quality of customer service. Four years after implementing AquaCIS, the company has improved its main sales indicators considerably, including a 43% increase in the number of supply contracts, doubling the volume of billed water.


The Barbados Water Authority (BWA), whose responsibilities include supplying drinking water to the island of Barbados, implemented the AquaCIS GEO Desktop and Web modules in their facilities as part of the ‘Water and Sewerage System Update’ project, migrating existing information from a CAD system.