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Aquapred: service to detect irregular water consumption

Aquapred: service to detect irregular water consumption

29 July 2014

In any company, having conditioning factors, characteristics, variables and behaviours of all kinds under control is fundamental. This control must also extend to customers. In its search for management optimisation, Aqualogy Solutions has developed a service known as Aquapred, which detects groups of customers registering irregular water consumption. To do so, it applies search and selection criteria that allow three types of irregularities to be identified: potential fraud, inconsistency with cadastral information and severe problems of utility submetering. Focusing on these groups results in cost savings and maximises the efficiency of field activities.

Aquapred's methodology to obtain results is based on the analysis of different databases to detect the presence of customers with irregular consumption, thus detecting problems earlier and aiding in the correct assignment of costs to customers.

Water management companies need to know how customers behave and if they are using the assets made available to them correctly. This is carried out to ensure that certain individuals do no try to take advantage of the good nature of the majority of customers.

Furthermore, water and sewerage companies must pay special attention to two components that have a direct impact on their customers' invoices: how the meter reader works as a company cash register, and how consistent and complete the cadastral information available is in relation to their customers.

Aquapred has a series of tools for its application: a search engine for irregular consumption, a transformation tool for entering data, a support tool for inspections and a secure environment for the exchange of information.

Thanks to this new solution, water management companies will now have a very useful tool through which to save on costs and improve the efficiency of operations.

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