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supply chain

Aqualogy is the global brand providing integrated water solutions and technologies for sustainable development.

Aqualogy provides water and sanitation companies, construction companies and national industry with a wide range of solutions related to the supply and management of materials for water networks, sewerage systems and water facilities.

Aqualogy facilitates access to the most extensive catalogue of multi-brand products available on the market, guaranteeing the quality and service levels required by our customers.

Our solutions are:

  • Supply of network materials
  • Purchase of materials for water networks and facilities
  • Supply chain

Benefits to the customer:

  • Access to the most advantageous price and service conditions
  • Simplification of administrative management
  • Service quality assurance, based on service level agreements (SLA)
  • Fast-track access to innovative products
  • Quality assurance and compliance with current regulations

Aqualogy contributes to the continual improvement of production processes, providing customers with all their experience, technological resources and methodologies for the design, construction and operation of water and effluent facilities.


Supply of materials and equipment associated with the management of the complete water cycle. Aqualogy provides logistic capacity to supply the necessary materials and equipment to both facilities and building works.

Aqualogy is a specialist supplier of drinking water and sewerage system networks.

  • Permanent stock
  • Products and professional assistance
  • Experts in the water cycle

Certified stock of:

  • Pipes and accessories
  • Measurers
  • Valves
  • Flanges
  • Joints
  • Clamps
  • HDPE adapters
  • Taps and accessories
  • Covers (reinforced concrete – ductile iron – diamond plate)
  • Castings



Through experience, Aqualogy offers the outsourcing of procurement services.

Our solution includes:

  • Optimisation of purchasing, contracting processes and systems, facilitating their implementation in organisations
  • Optimisation of the supplier panel (classification, authorisation and assessment)
  • Development of purchasing policies and strategies that identify levers for economic efficiency
  • Analysis and traceability of expenditure in suppliers to define and implement initiatives that offer efficiencies
  • Development of business processes, observing internal quality procedures and legal requirements
  • Development of contracting processes, coordinating validation flows and subsequent monitoring with respect to compliance and duration


Specialised management of the supply chain is crucial for successfully tackling the challenges facing companies managing the complete water cycle:

  • Management of a complex, highly specialised market
  • Supply chain with multiple actors which hinders the capacity to optimise costs
  • Problems in developing and maintaining a specialised workforce
  • Diffused information limiting visibility and management capacity
  • Constant shipments from different logistical platforms or suppliers adversely affecting transport efficiency
  • Difficulty in exploiting economies of scale (prices)

Aqualogy is supported by robust capabilities that guarantee the sustainability of its competitive advantages:

  • Specialisation in water cycle management
  • Development of services and solutions that are unique to the market
  • Sector-specific information systems
  • Efficiency and sustainable development