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air quality

Aqualogy integrates advanced solutions to minimise the environmental impact of production processes, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and contributing to good company–community relations.

The generation of gases, odours and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) represents a complex challenge with respect to the quality of interior air and atmospheric emissions and requires specific solutions. Conventional solutions based solely on ‘end of line’ treatment have proven ineffective on numerous occasions.

The solution should consider the gas-generating processes, minimising the flows requiring treatment (which affects energy costs), suitable catchment/ventilation and piping and, finally, possible treatment alternatives. Only in this way can we guarantee the best solution with the best implementation and operating costs. Aqualogy provides the market with custom solutions: we assess the production processes and propose the best technical and economic solution.

Today, Aqualogy’s product range includes engineering solutions and systems for the extraction and control of dust and SOx gases, odour abatement systems, scrubbers and ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) decanting, thus approaching the complete water and air decontamination cycle in all its dimensions.


Aqualogy seeks to solve problems for a wide range of industries in:

  • CFD modelling for warehouse and electrical and control room ventilation, lorry and auxiliary mining equipment truck shops, sludge storage buildings.
  • Odour curve modelling as per European standard UNE-EN-13725 and German standard VDI 3940.
  • Gas, odour and/or dust extraction, transport and control projects in processing plants.
  • Pressurisation and precision air conditioning projects for electrical, control and processing rooms.

The engineering solutions consider all stages of a project in its different phases: conceptual, basic and detailed, using state-of-the-art technology and software.

The company can also supply the right system for each project, through technological cooperation, commercial alliances and local partners in each area, permitting faster supply of on-site solutions.
Aqualogy has a team of experienced professionals in different areas to develop the projects in the most appropriate way and the shortest possible time.


Aqualogy has the expertise and technical support needed to calculate, design, manage, implement and supervise the installation and commissioning of pneumatic transport systems in diluted and dense phases, using centrifugal blowers or lobe or pallet pumps. All our equipment has AMCA and UL quality certification, by which we can deliver state-of-the art systems or equipment with cutting-edge technology.


Odour diagnosis and control is a set of techniques that makes it possible to determine cause-effect relationships occurring in environmental odour pollution, establishing the degree of environmental impact from industrial sources of odour. In addition, these tools can provide objective criteria for the assessment and implementation of corrective actions to reduce such emissions.


Aqualogy has a team of professionals specialised in both project engineering and ventilation system CFD modelling. Aqualogy uses these design techniques as an integral part of its design and optimisation phases for the development of our products.

The application of software with extensive physical modelling capabilities provides a detailed vision and understanding of pollutant formation and dispersion (NOx, SOx, NO2, CO, VOC, among others) through a series of flow problems, including turbulence, chemical reactions, heat and mass transfer and multiphase flows.

Using technologically advanced elements, Aqualogy not only provides finite element modelling but also includes the configuration of reactions in industrial applications, ranging from liquid systems and tanks, chemical reactions in gas washing, warehouse and industrial building ventilation, processing room air-conditioning systems and electrical rooms.


Aqualogy has dealt with the complex problem of electrical rooms using the concept of low-flow pressurisation and reduced temperature with appropriate equipment for each application, which has a heavy-duty design for non-stop use, 365 days a year.
In its continual dialogue with customers and partners, Aqualogy establishes the needs of numerous companies to improve the productivity and/or control of their processes and development in this area of engineering.