Opinion space about water and its challenges

What is Aquablog?


What are the future challenges of water? Join us in a reflection on the present and future of water, its challenges and opportunities. In 2050 the population will approach 9,000 million, much of it concentrated in large cities . To make more efficient and competitive production of goods and services , help develop balance and growth in industries and agriculture , it is necessary to promote management models operating in a sustainable manner in basic services such as energy , mobility , communications and especially – in the context of this blog – water. Water plays a key role in the development of each community. From the closeness and presence in various strategic sectors worldwide. From Brazil to Great Britain, from Mexico to Poland , to the United States, Chile or Colombia , Aqualogy professionals innovate , collaborate and lead projects to reduce the water footprint in the production processes to respond to the needs of society and to meet the expectations of stakeholders around water .

In this space of opinion, Aqualogy professionals share their knowledge and initiatives in order to make inroads the optimal way to create and implement specific solutions to complex situations, invite cooperation to look for synergies , and promoting innovative, disruptive technologies to ensure access to water and sanitation and to manage water resources more efficiently . All this with a commitment to sustainable development.

Welcome to the blog of Aqualogy .