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10 March 2015

The natural resources revolution: are we ready?

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In the middle of the Digital Revolution, with an eye on the ongoing eruption of the Internet of Things and while waiting for Big Data applications to dramatically change our habits, perhaps we did not pay attention to a growing but distant rumour, a refrain that has been doing the rounds for some time but which in the first world does not yet fully affect us: we are slowly running out of natural resources.

According to forecasts, in 2030 we will have gone from 7 to 9 billion inhabitants, most of whom will live in cities. This will obviously lead to an increase in the demand for natural resources… which will be difficult to meet if we continue with our current production and consumption models. Faced with this scenario, the rumour is beginning to gather momentum. A different, equally important revolution is gaining attention: the natural resources revolution.

Let’s look at it like this:

We can go from a world of scarcity to a world of unlimited resources.

Utopia or a new way of determining our future? I would love to have seen your face on reading that statement. And one day we will probably be able to contemplate and categorize the reader’s reaction on reading a specific sentence (live emotions) but, until that day arrives, what I can tell you is that many people (thought leaders, visionaries) believe that the above statement is true. Not just possible. Some people think that we need to act now and take a leap forward using all our knowledge and capacities in order to design specific solutions to build a society capable of generating and regenerating essential resources for the future.

On Thursday 12th, the Resource Revolution Tour starts up, 3 events which will take place over 24 hours in 3 different cities: Paris, New York and Beijing. During these events, various personalities will set out their vision and their experience for the development of specific and innovative solutions to protect natural resources.

If you want more answers about all this, take note:

On Thursday 12th March, you will be able to follow the Paris conference by streaming on at 11:30 am (Paris time) or the New York one at 11.30 am (New York time).

Are you ready for this revolution? 

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