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21 September 2016 Sustainable solutions to approach complexity in cities and territories (II)

In my last article I introduced the key concepts relating to sustainable management of cities and territories, including a classification of possible solutions to meet a need in a complex system, as well as the risks involved in the process.

First of all, we will look at a hypothetical case applied to the field of water to provide examples of these concepts.  Let us imagine a complex system such as the one shown above.

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30 November 2015 The most decisive climate summit

We are just a few days away from one of the most important world summits of this century, the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP21.

The aim of this summit is to establish a before and an after in international agreements reviewing the objectives and commitments of countries in the face of climate change, completely renewing the Kyoto Protocol. This meeting is of crucial importance for the future of the planet, and the involvement of all, both developed and developing countries, is one of the major challenges to change the trend of a rapid increase in the planet’s average temperature and its consequences.

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4 December 2014 The renewal of water and sewerage networks: a not so distant challenge

The big cities of antiquity already had their own water supply and sewerage systems or, in other words, aqueducts, tanks and drains. However, with the fall of the societies which supported them, for centuries access to these public services again became very rare. With the Industrial Revolution, there were such deep economic and social changes that they completely transformed the habitat of humanity, which became essentially urban.

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