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30 March 2016 Agriculture has a future and it is ‘smart’
Smart Agriculture

Seventy per cent of water worldwide is used in agriculture. In fact, this figure reaches 90% in the majority of the least developed countries. Without improved efficiency measures, if nothing is done to prevent it, it is expected that water consumption for agricultural use will increase by around 20% worldwide by 2050. Today, water resources are already under pressure and water shortages affect around 40% of the world’s population.

With this data as a starting point, it is clear that agriculture has a crucial role in the responsible and rational use of this precious resource. But in order to be able to make a contribution, an increasingly urgent transformation needs to take place: achieve tools or services which, through technological advancement, make it possible to take sustainable decisions and action.

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6 February 2015 Learning from adversity

When I began to write this blog one year ago, I did so talking precisely about the water crisis that São Paulo was experiencing and what, in my opinion, were the true causes of the situation. I am talking in the past because the crisis phase is already behind us, and what we are experiencing now is much worse. It is a situation of general emergency. To summarize, out of the four main systems which supply São Paulo there are two in which the water has gone below the catchment level, and the rest of the water, the so-called ‘dead volume’, is being pumped by means of floating pumps. The rainy season, which is about to end, has only managed to slow down the rate at which the levels are decreasing, but has not at all reversed the trend.

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