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28 April 2016 The era of social innovation
Blog Innovacion Social

Until the word innovation was categorically introduced into economic discourse by Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950), imitation and invention were dialectically related. They were opposites, like two extremes of a social practice – the search for novelty. The coining of the term innovation associated with business and productive practice broke down this relationship of forces. What was the epicentre of this change? Schumpeter’s work.

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20 November 2015 Dengue fever increases in São Paulo despite the drought

Winter has reached its end, at least in the southern hemisphere, and although in São Paulo it is only moderately cold, people appreciate the arrival of summer. Summer brings with it heat, the necessary rainfall, and outdoor activities, but also one of the worst threats, dengue fever.

In the first eight months of 2015, dengue fever has already infected over 650,000 people in the state of São Paulo, causing the death of more than 300. The figures exceed any previously known record and position São Paulo as the Brazilian state most affected by the disease, responsible for 30% of the total number of cases on the American continent. The most surprising thing is that this occurs in the midst of the most serious drought in memory. It seems contradictory, but it isn’t. 

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