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7 August 2015 How can we renovate our infrastructures? Old problems, new approaches

The big issue of recent years has been the crisis, its causes and possible remedies. We all know that European economic policy calls for a balanced budget, limiting the deficit and, with it, the capacity for public investment, particularly in the most heavily indebted administrations. I have to confess that I have not yet read Keynes. Nor am I capable of arguing for or against the outcome the implementing greater or lesser stimuli in the form of public investments in terms of their impact upon the European economy. For me, the issue is different: there are infrastructures we simply cannot do without.

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26 February 2015 More than just new technologies to manage assets in water networks

If you have been reading my articles on this blog, you will already know that I am concerned by the ageing of basic urban infrastructures since they are crucial to guarantee our current quality of life. I suppose that, conditioned by my profession, I am especially concerned by the deterioration related to water services, in particular distribution and sewerage networks. This is due to their huge size (hundreds of thousands of kilometres in almost all cities), because they are necessary for the economic activities of their communities and, above all, due to the health impact that a prolonged failure of these networks can trigger in highly populated areas.

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11 January 2014 Citiness and Vento, two Aqualogy instruments to build the new city

The Smart City Expo & World Congress was held in Barcelona from 19 to 21 November. This event, already in its third year, is in addition to many others on smart cities in our country and the rest of the world. This abundance is a clear demonstration of the great appeal that smart cities have for politicians, urban managers, companies and different kinds of groups. However, despite this deployment, what is really behind the idea of a smart city is still quite vague.

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