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17 November 2014 Innovating with a yellow T-shirt: the story of Oasys

Chapter 1: Silicon Valley

This is the story of a dream come true. Of how I spent one month with dreamers in Silicon Valley. Of how it changed my way of seeing innovation and of how something emerged which we have called Oasys. I have quite a story to tell and plenty of ideas in my head, so I will try to explain my experience in different chapters.

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7 November 2014 About the Silicon Valley technology bubble (I)

A few days ago I received an article on my twitter timeline entitled “33 Silicon Valley Investors Are Starting To Freak Out About The Tech Bubble They Helped Create“, which reminded me that I’ve been meaning to share one of the conclusions that David Hernández Tosca (Director General of Aqualogy Solutions) and I voiced, but never got round to writing, as a result of our discovery & learning expedition to San Francisco and the surrounding area last July. As an innovation professional from the water sphere, I was very interested in seeing how these processes are developed in the cradle of innovation: Silicon Valley.

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