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Chapter 3: from a dream to start-up

Hi! It’s been a long time… Now, where were we?

Oh yes! The presentation in San Francisco was a huge success and the first prototype of Ôasys was well received by consumers. So, at that time we had an idea that people liked, but there were still many uncertainties to be clarified: how would we interact with it, what size would it have, how was it going to be used…

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17 March 2015 #4YFN: back to the present

Barcelona was once again the city of the mobile. For 4 days, the streets were full of elegantly dressed men and women attending marathon conferences. All with their characteristic white and red accreditation. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a must. It is a week in which Barcelona is positioned as the capital of telecommunications, promoting meetings between experts from all around the world. And, as part of this great showcase, 4 Years From Now (4YFN), an initiative which seeks to give a boost to technological start-ups through the investment of corporations. That is where we were with Aqualogy.

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23 December 2014 Innovating with a yellow T-shirt: the story of Oasys (II)

Chapter 2: the Lombard Method

Do you remember where we left it in the first post? San Francisco. Four weeks ahead of us and a challenge: how to improve the relations between a water concession company and its clients.

To tackle the challenge that Aqualogy set us, we were three dreamers working hand in hand. I would like to introduce my two colleagues to you:

Carolina Uribe. Carol is one of those tireless dreamers who do not stop until they achieve their dreams. 100% Colombian. An industrial designer, who graduated from SCAD.

Daniel Benito. Dani loves nature and horses. He is a Forestry Engineer and Consultant in PwC (Sustainability and Climate Change department).

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