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18 June 2014 Getting around São Paulo: daily chaos

We recently broke another traffic record in São Paulo. The strike by metro workers, who took advantage of the inauguration of the World Cup to challenge the government, hindered, or even prevented, the journey to work by the 20 million citizens of this metropolis. 

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1 April 2014 Brazil: toward the interconnection of basins
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Water rationing was officially declared last Monday 17 March in the municipality of Guarulhos, meaning, for practical purposes, that the 1.3 million citizens who live there will have running water on alternate days, one day yes then one day no. This has not gone unnoticed in the big metropolis of São Paulo. Guarulhos is one of the municipalities of São Paulo metropolitan area, the one with the biggest population after the capital and which includes the international airport in it, so in just three months’ time thousands of football players, fans and authorities will pass through it.

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18 February 2014 Demography: the true challenge of our time
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We, the inhabitants of São Paulo, are currently being bombarded with saving and efficiency campaigns by the utilities, especially the energy and water companies. The considerable heat recorded this summer, which on some days exceeded historical records, has triggered an increase in water and electricity consumption. The queues in the hypermarkets to buy portable air conditioning units, which quickly sold out, offer an idea of to what extent demand shot up over this period.

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