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7 August 2015 How can we renovate our infrastructures? Old problems, new approaches

The big issue of recent years has been the crisis, its causes and possible remedies. We all know that European economic policy calls for a balanced budget, limiting the deficit and, with it, the capacity for public investment, particularly in the most heavily indebted administrations. I have to confess that I have not yet read Keynes. Nor am I capable of arguing for or against the outcome the implementing greater or lesser stimuli in the form of public investments in terms of their impact upon the European economy. For me, the issue is different: there are infrastructures we simply cannot do without.

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4 December 2014 The renewal of water and sewerage networks: a not so distant challenge

The big cities of antiquity already had their own water supply and sewerage systems or, in other words, aqueducts, tanks and drains. However, with the fall of the societies which supported them, for centuries access to these public services again became very rare. With the Industrial Revolution, there were such deep economic and social changes that they completely transformed the habitat of humanity, which became essentially urban.

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