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3 July 2015 How to be a benchmark in asset management for your sector: creating technologies and tools

All public administrations have a growing interest in ensuring optimal asset management. To manage the accumulated deterioration of infrastructures and maximize their working life, it is essential to be able to count on both the involvement of the operators and the latest maintenance and regeneration technologies. Given that each type of facility requires very specific knowledge, an organization which wishes to be a benchmark in asset management for its sector will need to be highly specialized.

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15 May 2015 A turning point in asset management

One of the basic ideas that good managers of organizations are retaining at the beginning of this century is that the success of one day does not guarantee that of the following day. After reflecting on business sustainability, I would like to return to the subject of asset management, to which I think it is closely related.

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26 February 2015 More than just new technologies to manage assets in water networks

If you have been reading my articles on this blog, you will already know that I am concerned by the ageing of basic urban infrastructures since they are crucial to guarantee our current quality of life. I suppose that, conditioned by my profession, I am especially concerned by the deterioration related to water services, in particular distribution and sewerage networks. This is due to their huge size (hundreds of thousands of kilometres in almost all cities), because they are necessary for the economic activities of their communities and, above all, due to the health impact that a prolonged failure of these networks can trigger in highly populated areas.

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