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30 June 2015 Out of the Ordinary People

There has always been a rumour that part of the success of the two most famous physicists of history, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, is because they had Asperger syndrome. Whether or not this is a legend, it is true that Hans Asperger, the discoverer of the syndrome in 1944, described those who have it as people with highly developed mathematical and logical skills, obsessed with their work and with a great capacity to concentrate for long periods of time.

These skills led to the creation of Specialisterne in Denmark (2004), a social enterprise which focuses on bringing people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), such as Asperger syndrome, into the labour market.

These skills are what we were looking for to grow iBeach, an App which provides information on the condition of beaches (flags, jellyfish, marine forecasting,…) and their location and description.

In mid-2014, a methodology was developed which made it possible to identify and locate over 3,500 beaches in Spain. The beaches went from the most well-known to small rocky coves which can only be accessed from the sea.

Its success gave rise to a new question:

Why not apply the same methodology to other countries?

Why not the whole world?

Such an ambitious challenge represents a change in the size of the project which affects all its processes. We had to do things in a different way, incorporate the users into the identification and validation processes, integrate data from various origins and consolidate reliable information.

Out of the ordinary people were needed and we found them in Specialisterne.

Thanks to this partnership, information on 18,000 beaches has been reviewed and integrated. We have incorporated the beaches of France, Greece, Italy and Portugal, information has been added on the beaches of Spain and the next countries to be explored are being studied.

By the way, which would you like the next one to be?

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