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18 December 2014 Corporate entrepreneurship: an initiative moving forward in Aqualogy

Some people say that it was the legendary management champion Peter Drucker  who originally coined the term Corporate Entrepreneurship to refer to the development of new business initiatives or the creation of value within an already established company or organization. The notion involves practices such as those of a classical independent entrepreneur, but within the structure of a large company or social institution. Thus, those working in Corporate Entrepreneurship (hereinafter CE) have the task of converting an idea into a commercially profitable finished product in their organization, applying innovation and risk.

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21 November 2014 About the Silicon Valley technology bubble (II)

In the first article in this series I began to dissect the type of start-ups and grown-ups which I had the opportunity to discover in Silicon Valley and I classified them into three groups: ‘defined business model’, ‘searching for new business model’ and ‘searching for the business model’. Having explained the first model in my previous article, I would like to continue this series by defining the following two.

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