José María de Cuenca

José María de Cuenca

I am curious and creative by nature. I studied Industrial Technical Engineering, a postgraduate in Quality Engineering and another in Coaching, a Master’s Degree in Water Science, Technology and Management, and an MBA… As a young boy at school I was taught that you went there to learn, but you came out to serve. I believe that this maxim forms part of my character and led to my interests, such as writing and IT, and to an inclination to innovate with the application of knowledge.

I consider that I have been lucky, always working in what I am most passionate about. Coming from the energy industry, I arrived in the water sector in 1999. For many of these years I have also worked as Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Energy Engineering and Fluid Mechanics of the ETSII, in the University of Valladolid, another wonderful experience.

“If you give a man more than he can do he will do it. If you only give him what he can do he’ll do nothing.”

» Rudyard Kipling